Agro Research International B.V. is a contract research organization located in the Netherlands. The main areas of expertise and services include trials with agrochemicals, biological products, fertilizers and nutrients. Trials are performed on major field crops, in- and outdoor vegetable crops, ornamental crops and trees and shrubs.

Agro Research International B.V. is GEP (Good Experimental Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) certified. Field trial studies for registration, demonstration and research & development are conducted via strict quality standards and on a fully confidential basis.

Starting January 1st 2016 Agro Research International B.V. and HLB research & consultancy in agriculture B.V. will start a cooperation in contract research. Agro Research International B.V. and HLB complement each other in expertise, themes working areas and crops. Both companies will remain independent but will collaborate where possible, and utilize each other’s facilities to achieve a more efficient work process. Together Agro Research International and HLB will have the ability to provide a complete supply of possibilities with all open-air- and greenhouse cultivations with both chemical and biological pesticides, nutrients and fertilizers in the whole of the Netherlands, for both individual trials and bigger projects. The unique combination of knowledge and experience in the field of diseases, pests and weeds and the national coverage will warrant efficient and successful research.